General Civil Litigation

Our trial attorneys handle a wide variety of civil cases in state and federal trial courts. Our litigation experience is substantial and includes product liability, premises liability, wrongful death, property damage, construction defect, sports law, equine law, business disputes, and significant motor vehicle accidents. We also have significant experience with alternative dispute resolution, and frequently represent our clients in arbitrations and mediations. In addition to handling matters in Washington, we are called upon to represent clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

In the majority of our cases we represent defendants, but we occasionally handle significant cases for plaintiffs as well. Regardless of whether we are prosecuting or defending your civil case, you can rest assured that our trial lawyers will devote their utmost efforts to promoting and protecting your interests.

When your personal, professional and financial well-being is at stake, it is not enough for your lawyer to simply know the area of law. A true trial lawyer is well versed in the dynamics of litigation, appreciates the vagaries of legal issues, and has the experience and insight to avoid pitfalls. Our trial lawyers possess an in-depth understanding of the interplay between legal and factual issues, as well as the tactics employed by other parties. This is what sets the trial attorneys at Mullin, Allen & Steiner apart.

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Attorneys:  Lori R. Storts