Products Liability

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in complex product liability cases. Our trial attorneys handle product liability cases in state and federal courts in Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Our cases include matters relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, in which our medical and healthcare litigation experience is a significant asset. We represent clients in many other types of product liability litigation as well. One of our noteworthy successes was winning a $15.5 million verdict against U-Haul in a case involving catastrophic injuries to our client when her car was hit by a piece of furniture that fell out of an open U-Haul trailer.

Product liability cases are typically intense, difficult and complex in a number of regards and include a myriad of factual, legal and litigation issues. Applicable laws vary significantly among different jurisdictions. Our substantial background in complex litigation in a wide range of areas makes our attorneys uniquely well-suited to prosecuting and defending product liability claims. Our experience preparing for and conducting multi-week trials is a substantial advantage, since product liability cases frequently required an extended amount of time to prepare and present in court.

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