Professional Liability

Our substantial experience defending professional negligence claims includes representing physicians, accountants, architects, engineers, and other professionals. We have successfully defended professionals and their businesses for many years, relying on our comprehensive understanding of each professional specialty and their unique aspects. In our practice, we also regularly defend professionals in licensing and malpractice proceedings before administrative agencies.

A professional malpractice claim is always a serious matter that can significantly impact professional and financial welfare and personal lives. Defending against a claim requires understanding the complexities of professional liability and knowing the subtleties of litigation strategy unique to each profession. The interplay of complex factual issues, legal principles and intricacies of the litigation process in a professional liability claim creates a situation requiring the utmost attention to detail and strategy. Our extensive litigation experience provides us with finely-tuned skills and insight that enable us to excel in the complex context presented by a professional liability claim.

Our trial attorneys at Mullin, Allen & Steiner routinely represent professionals and their businesses in a broad range of litigation in state and federal court and administrative proceedings. We also have substantial experience in complex product liability cases. That background uniquely qualifies us to handle the significant and sensitive issues presented by a professional liability claim.

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Attorneys:  Lori R. Storts